Emergency Lighting

Monthly Maintenance

from £20 per visit

Annual Maintenance

from £120

Planned Maintenance (PM)

Emergency lighting is installed so that if the normal lighting supply fails, your property still has sufficient emergency lighting in place to enable occupants to evacuate the building safely. To ensure that your emergency lighting system will operate in the event of loss of power to the general lighting the emergency lighting system needs to be tested in accordance with the requirements of the British Standard. All emergency lighting systems require testing on a monthly and an annual basis, these maintenance inspections simulate a mains power failure to force the emergency lighting to illuminate and operate on their battery supply. The monthly emergency lighting test is a short duration functional test of the emergency lighting system and the annual testing is a full three hour discharge of your emergency lighting system.

Our emergency lighting maintenance engineers hold IEE Wiring qualifications and relevant emergency lighting training qualifying them to carry out the required maintenance of your emergency lighting system to British Standard. Upon completion of an emergency lighting maintenance our engineer will record the inspection in your fire safety log book and issue you with an inspection certificate detailing the duration of test completed and any failures identified.

Corrective Maintenance (CM) "Repairs"

Corrective maintenance (also known as  "Repairs") addresses any issues or faults on an existing emergency lighting system which have been highlighted on the planned maintenance visit. Our quotations department will assess any items reported by our maintenance team and will prepare a free bespoke quotation detailing the scope of works to rectify the issues.

We will not carry out any work until formal instruction is received from you. We will agree a convenient time and date with you for our installation team to attend and carry out the corrective maintenance.

All corrective maintenance work is warrantied for a period of 12 months and completed in accordance with BS5266.